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Before, During and After the Earthquake

  • The sismograf was created by DF to raise awareness about earthquakes, assist users before and after the earthquake, and save lives.

  • Our mobile application will be available in Türkiye this year.

  • It will serve only in Türkiye during the Closed and Open Beta process.

1.0 Features

General features;

  • Emergency contacts directory

Before the Earthquake;

  • Earthquake bag preparation guide

  • Guide to what to do during an earthquake

  • Constantly updated content and articles

  • Earthquake bag preparation robot according to the number of people

After Earthquake;

If you are trapped under debris;

  • Whistle

  • Phone flashlight flashing signal

  • SOS button to reach local emergency teams

  • List of do's and don'ts

If you are out;

  • List of do's and don'ts

  • SOS button to reach local emergency teams

Features coming in next versions;

  • List showing earthquakes that have occurred

  • Fault line map

Current and upcoming features may vary.

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