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DF / Green Label

"Green Label" is one of the founding goals and focal points of DF. We attach importance to this in every field where we are active and we want the work we do to be in accordance with our GL project. There is a team within the DF that will carry out the GL goals and continues to monitor the work being done.

We are against carbon emission!

As the DF and GL team, we insist on working towards reducing carbon emissions. Unfortunately, the world we live in is being polluted too much, and we think it's time to stop it.

Keeping the environment clean is a human duty.

We are a community that aims to keep our environment clean and beautify it even more, and we will not hesitate to do our best in this regard.

Serious measures need to be taken on global warming.

With global warming, many species are in danger of extinction. If you have the right to life, do not forget that they also have the right to life!

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