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The section where DF's user-specific services are located. With the OPS service group, which mainly works in the field of design, you can have all your personal and corporate designs done in a quality way. OPS is dedicated to providing personalized quality service.

OPS Descre
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Everything starts with a dream

Check out our design catalog, which consists of 48 different types. It's okay if you can't find what you're looking for. Just tell our team what you want.

Decide on the work to be done.

Make a purchase. (Store or Contact)

Our team will contact you immediately.

Work together with the specialist assigned to you. That's all.

Descre is in the category of personalized service and no refund is made. Revision rights can be used in cases that are not liked. If you think there is an error, you can contact us via live support, communication channels or mail line. In case of request, a partial refund will be made after the evaluation or the system will define you an additional revision right or a discount code that you will use in the Descre system.

- Presentation (16:9)
- Presentati
on (4:3)

Social Media
- Instagram Post (Square)
- Facebook Post (Horizontal)
- Instagram Story
- WhatsApp Status
- Facebook Cover Photo
- Instagram Reels Video
- Tiktok Video
- YouTube Thumbnail
- Youtube Background Photo
- Twitter Post
- Pinterest Pin
- Linkedin Background Photo

- Logo
- T-

- Card


Something other than these.

- Photo Collage
- Desktop Wallpaper
- Graphic
- Book Cover
- Mind Map
- Magazine Cover
- Zoom Background
- Calendar
- Banner (59.4*42 cm)
- Worksheet
- Report
- Planning
- Comics
- Offer File
- The School Program
- Concept Map
- CD Cover
- Graphic Editor
- Product Label
- Bill
- Flyer (Horizontal)
- Flyer (Vertical)
- E-Book Cover
- Lesson Plan
- Program
- Blog Image
- Bookends
- Mobile Wallpaper
- A4 Document
- Menu
- Advertising Tape

Working Hours : GMT+03:00 (Istanbul) / 12.00 AM - 10.00 PM

To use the Desce service contact or purchase from the DF Store. Note that you must fill out the form before using it. (so that we can bill you)

Check out all the options!

OPS Gold

OPS Gold

If you are going to work with us for a long time, the prices will decrease. If you choose one of the 2 OPS Gold packages, you can benefit from our services at very affordable prices.


  • We take the promise of the number of designs to be designed monthly from you.

  • If you do not pay monthly or do not reach the number of designs provided, the contract will be canceled.

  • 5% Discount is provided for 4 designs per month, 10% discount for 8 designs per month, 15% discount for 16 designs per month, 20% discount for 32 designs per month, 25% discount for 64 designs per month.

  • Depending on the situation, different packages can be determined. Contact us about the subject.


  • You upload a monthly balance to your account.

  • A certain discount is provided monthly.

  • The studies performed will be deducted from your balance.

  • If you do not upload monthly to the agreed amount or do not use at least half of your monthly balance, the contract will be canceled.

Contact us for OPS Gold

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