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Automation and artificial intelligence are DF's priorities. We want humanity to take time for themselves, not for what they need to do to survive. STR services group will offer you DF technology together with the services it contains. Among our forward-looking projects, there are fully automatic robots and similar projects that can be used in all areas of life.

Let us design your website as you wish. You only have to manage the incoming orders ;))

Or have a personal website that reflects you.

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STR Website

We are establishing your Websites with a new industry innovation.

We see our employees as friends, not customers. We are setting up your website with a program we run in partnership with you.

The industry's most advanced Website builder program

The industry's most advanced Website builder program

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Upgrade Your Stats

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Sell Online

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Go Corporate

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Automate Your Work

Click the button for more information. If you have any questions, visit the support tab.

Get a domain that will suit
your website very well.

Check out the DF domain market.

Field names are not created by DF. The domain names sold were purchased from different companies. Domain in the Domain market are operated by DF.

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