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Wix - Virtual POS Consulting

Wix - Virtual POS Consulting


Don't know how to connect virtual POS to your website? No problem. We have prepared this consultancy service to support our customers while making virtual POS connection. 


Please get a list of virtual POS alternatives supported by Wix from your representative before purchasing the service and choose the one that suits you. You can contact your representative if you need support during the selection process.


If the company providing Virtual Pos service finds your request negative, we do not accept responsibility and do not refund the fee for our consultancy service. Before purchasing the consultancy service, we recommend that you carefully review the agreements and details of the virtual pos company you want to apply for.

  • What if my application is not accepted?

    BGS DREAM FACTORY LTD does not accept responsibility if the organisation providing virtual POS service does not accept your application. We also do not refund the fee in this case.

    In this case, we can help you apply to another virtual POS organisation.

  • Are there any conditions?

    In order to benefit from the consultancy service, you must be included in the Website Builder Programme. Purchases that do not meet the condition are automatically cancelled.

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